Bullet Proof Jackets

Indian Military and Para-military forces require Bullet Proof Jackets to take care of different threat levels ranging from simple 9 mm hand guns to 7.62×51 mm armor piercing ammunition.

BPJ inserts Ranging From – NIJ IIIA, III, III+ and IV

NIJ IIIA – Soft Armor capable of to guard against 9 mm hand guns
NIJ III – Hard Armor for 7.62×39 mm mild steel core ammunition.
NIJ III+ – Hard Armor for 7.62×39 mm hard steel core ammunition.
NIJ IV – Hard Armor for 7.62×51 mm armor piercing ammunition.

Composite Shields

NIJ III, III+ and IV Ideal for anti-terrorism operations, house to house searches and entries, these shields range from NIJ III /NIJ III+ hand held shields to NIJ IV shields which are on coasters.

IIIA/III/III+ shields


NIJ Level IIIA Helmets

Bullet Proof Morcha

A Defind product, the Morchas are made in India at our contract manufacturing facility

Vehicle Armor

Door Panel and Ballistic Glass Protection

Lightweight and affordable door panel armor and ballistic glass protection for military, law enforcement and security vehicles. Our glass is one-way ballistic glass allowing occupants to shoot out.