Disaster Relief Shelters and Equipment

The key component of a great military medical facility is a shelter system that can be used year round, in extreme environments, and that will be durable enough to remain functional throughout the mission.

Defind is sole representative of Alaska Structures in India and Indian Sub Continent.The Mobile Disaster Relief Medical Equipment (MDRE) is a customised solution for the Indian Subcontinent which is hit with Natural Disasters multiple times in a year. The vast terrain and different climatic conditions requires the MDRE to be suited for quick deployment with minimum of man power and suited to operate from +50 Degrees to -25 degrees Centigrade.

The Alaska Medical Shelter System, used by the US Air Force Expeditionary Medical Support (EMEDS) program since 1999, is the most successfully tested and fielded medical shelter system in the U.S. Department of Defense. Since 1999, over 2,500 medical shelters have been provided to the US Air Force. In addition, over 750 Alaska Army Medical Shelters (AKAMS) have been in use by the US Army Combat Support Hospital (CSH) program since 2004.

The versatility and reliability of the Alaska XP Medical Shelter is a perfect match to meet the needs of the Indian Navy, Air Force, Army and the NDRF. The innovative “XP” design of medical shelters improvement significantly enhances the speed and ease of setup and reduces the shelter’s overall weight, while maintaining the superior performance of legacy shelters.

  • Mobile Field Hospitals
  • Command Centres
  • High altitude shelters
  • Personnel shelters
  • Kitchen Tents
  • Large Storage Tents
  • Aircraft shelters

Benefits of Alaska Medical Shelters Over Competitors

Durability – Alaska medical shelters have been used by the US military over the past 18 years with no major maintenance or repairs needed.

DLife Cycle Costs – Alaska shelter Life Cycle Costs are extremely low because of:

  • DLimited provisioning required due to small number of parts.
  • DRugged aluminum frame system and high-strength vinyl cover.

DFew moving parts – no weak points.

DFabric evenly tensioned – no high stress points therefore has long life.

DMaintenance – None required other than cleaning.

DMin Man power to Pitch the Shelter- Only a team of 6 men can pitch up a 10 be hospital in 45 mins.